Company Description

CTEH has over 25 years of experience solving complex situations faced by clients at all stages of the petroleum industry supply chain. This experience includes responding to hazardous material releases, spills, and upset conditions. We provide the rapid 24/7, 365 mobilization of the right team of incident managers, toxicologists, industrial hygienists, and medical staff to respond to these types of events appropriately. Emergency response services include identification of involved petroleum, analysis of environmental fate, determination of safe levels in air, water, soil, or other media, education of local health providers regarding the involved substances, and general incident management.

We also provide facilities with industrial hygiene, data analysis and management, environmental health and safety services such as supplemental support during turnarounds, evaluating new processes, compliance sampling, and re-assessing worker exposure.



  • Consultants
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Response Management

Education / Training

  • Education / Training

Professional Services

  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Emergency Response