GeoInvoice Field Service

Company Description

GeoInvoice Field Service is invoice automation for operators, service providers and vendors. GeoInvoice Field Service mobile field ticket resolves the information gap between the field and accounting and tax staff.

GeoInvoice mobile field ticket advantage: (1) pick services and equipment instead of writing on paper; (2) Location based sales tax calculation at the wellsite, pipeline or jobsite.

GeoInvoice Field Ticket mobile app calculates sales tax at any location without an address.
GeoInvoice Field Service Sales Tax Matrix for operators predetermines the sales tax status of a purchase order, invoice or AFE.

  • Operator Advantage: accurate sales tax collected for each wellsite, pipeline segment or jobsite
  • Operator Advantage: digital field ticket. Readable and precise
  • Operator Advantage: exemption certificate management for exempt upstream purchases
  • Operator Advantage: automated validation of sales tax collected on invoices
  • Operator Advantage: automated sales tax refund analysis

Professional Services

  • Field Operations
  • Data / Information

Financial Services

  • Tax Preparation