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NDT Inspection and High-Pressure Iron Recertification Services

IFE NDT performs non-destructive testing methodologies to your company’s products and parts to determine fatigue, stress, and potential failures.  Our highly trained and certified technicians pinpoint and document any imperfections, deformation and structural fail points that can occur over the duration of use of your products and/or parts.  Some of the primary testing industries provided to our customers include oil and gas, manufacturing, infrastructure, amusement, construction, aviation, pipeline, midstream and marine.

IFE NDT is a premier iron recertification facility.

Many NDT (non-destructive testing) methods are utilized in the oil and gas inspection industry.  The best NDT methods address issues regarding safety, equipment reliability, environmental protection, and government regulations.  The greatest benefits that IFE NDT service provides are that (a) Equipment for performing oil and gas services (such as fracturing, coil tubing, pump down, cement, flowback/well testing, pipeline, but not limited to all other aspects of upstream, midstream and downstream) can be inspected without making any structural changes; (b) Equipment is not disturbed during NDT; therefore there is no other reason to shut down not to interrupt operations; (c) IFE NDT’s asset management platform allows 24/7 access for customers to manage all certification documents via online mobile database.

Popular IFE NDT methods involve pressure testing, visual inspections, ultrasonic techniques, magnetic particle, penetrant, visual and eddy current testing.

To complement IFE NDT’s area of expertise, we are happy to introduce our newest division, Integrity Solutions.  Integrity Solutions is at the forefront of advanced field services, dedicated to elevating the standards of the oil and gas industry. Specializing in BOP testing and recertification, our team ensures your Blowout Preventers function flawlessly under intense pressures. Enhance safety and operational precision with our torque and test services, tailor-made for optimal equipment performance.

Has a tool gone astray? Our fishing tool recertification program meticulously evaluates, repairs, and returns your essential assets to peak condition. For those harnessing the power of big bore iron, our redress and certification services are second to none. Guarantee the longevity and efficacy of your heavy-duty equipment with our thorough inspections.

And for firms seeking utmost reliability in rotating equipment, our power swivel inspection and recertification is the answer. Extend the lifespan of your assets, while ensuring consistent operational excellence.

Choose Integrity Solutions: where world-class expertise meets unmatched service quality. Prevent, protect and provide, to defend assets, investments and reputations.


Architects / Engineers

  • Facility Design / Construct


  • Marine Construction
  • Pipeline Construction
  • Service Companies


  • Drilling Equipment
  • Drilling Rigs
  • Water Well Drilling & Services

Equipment & Supplies

  • Above Ground Storage (AST Tanks)
  • Casing
  • Completions Tools
  • Fishing & Rental
  • Frac Tanks
  • Hydrostatic Test Pump
  • Machine and Fabrication
  • Oil and Gas Well Servicing Rigs and Equipment
  • Wireline Services


  • Gas Compressors
  • Midstream Gathering

Oil & Gas Well Servicing

  • Oilfield Rental Tool Services
  • Well Testing

Professional Services

  • Pressure Testing
  • Well Control
  • Well Service
  • Well Servicing Rigs
  • Wireline and Logging Services