Concord Energy LLC

Company Description

Concord Energy LLC was founded in 2002 by a group of experienced energy professionals and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado.  Concord provides complete solutions for oil and gas producers, including crude oil and natural gas purchasing and services, trucking and transportation logistics, and water recycling.

Concord's Crude Oil Group buys all grades of crude oil and NGL's at any point from the lease to a pipeline location, or we can provide trucking services via our fleet of trucks.  We can help insure reliability for producers by managing volume fluctuations as well as streamlining your process through making royalty payments and preparation of tax and title documents.

Whatever your needs are as a producer, Concord has a solution that fits your requirements. Come visit us at



  • Natural Gas Services

Legal Services

  • Title Work and Examination

Producers – Exploration, Production & Development

  • Producers – Exploration, Production & Development
  • Production & Development


  • Crude Oil Buyer and Transporter
  • Oilfield Trucking
  • Trucking Services